How it works

Human Centred Technology

We believe in the critical role our schools play in forming meaningful connections with children and developing the whole child – for today and tomorrow. Our mission is to help teachers positively engage students by removing the barriers to efficiently and effectively embedding positive wellbeing in your school community. We seek to create positive impact by combining the credibility of evidence-based wellbeing measurement with a creative and engaging approach to social and emotional learning.

A complete picture of student wellbeing

That is easy to understand.

Total Wellbeing Score

Developed in partnership with Charles Sturt University, WellBe’s termly or point-in-time benchmark surveys provide a consistent, student-reported measure for holistic wellbeing across the four core domains of physical, social, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

The Total Wellbeing Score provides consistency of wellbeing measurement, data to support the assessment of wellbeing programs, and a deeper understanding of the relative strengths and areas of need for students and schools.

Classroom e-checkin

The lightning fast student e-checkin builds further on the evidence-based Total Wellbeing Score by frequently identifying and recording student feelings and emotions using WellBe’s highly engaging wellbeing characters.

Quickly identify emerging needs, flag observations and access tailored teaching strategies, conversation starters and student support.

The power of Storytelling

Character development promoting Social and emotional learning in the classroom.

Meet the Stars of WeLlbe

Our characters that personify the emotional states and feelings so frequently experienced by children.

We have four characters – Ace,  Wiggy,   Snooz,  Grizzo

These characters have their own stories to tell, feelings to be shared, and triumphs to be celebrated as they learn to understand, acknowledge and manage their own feelings and those around them.

Our character posters provide an engaging method for building student awareness and understanding of their wellbeing state – both in the classroom and as a parent engagement tool for the home setting.

Content for the Moment

Take the guess work out of selecting the right activity break for your classroom.

WellBe’s carefully selected content partners are specialists in supporting student wellbeing with CASEL aligned activity content.

WellBe automatically selects activity content that best fits the need identified through the student e-checkin. Quickly access short movement and mindfulness content that meets not only meets the varying need to regulate moods and emotions, but engages children in fun and socially engaging activity-led learning.

A safe and secure way to drive insight & OUTCOMES

Microsoft powered security, insights and dashboard features.

WellBe’s partnership with Microsoft helps power our security, insights and dashboard features. Our wellbeing visualisation tools mean that you can quickly and easily understand the wellbeing snapshot and trends at a student, classroom and school level.

WellBe helps school leaders identify an emerging wellbeing trend, draw comparison between year groups, and evidence the performance of school-based wellbeing programs and initiatives.

For classroom teachers, it means you’ve always got your finger on the pulse in understanding how your students are feeling, where they need support, and the temperature of your classroom across the days and weeks of the school year.

Microsoft - WellBe Partner