Humanising positive wellbeing

WellBe creates thriving primary school students and classrooms. We do this by combining holistic wellbeing and Social and Emotional Learning with a human connection.

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The Wellbe Approach

WellBe is your wellbeing measurement and engagement tool.  We provide holistic, evidence based measurement tools and classroom check-ins to help understand and regulate student behaviour. Our dynamic content is then selected to provide fast and effective wellbeing support to optimise the learning environment.

Wellbeing Measurement

Our evidence-based wellbeing measurement and monitoring tools cover the four core domains of PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL.

WellBe’s approach provides schools with a robust self assesssed measurement tool as well as a classroom e-checkin to identify and manage daily moods, feelings and emotions.

Character Development

WellBe’s team of characters embody the emotional states of wellbeing, giving students the awareness, confidence and knowledge to identify and self-regulate their feelings and behaviours. 

Engaging Content

WellBe recommend the right content for the right moment. 

Based on the emerging wellbeing need captured from the eCheckin, the system provides a selection of short content interventions to help students regulate and improve their readiness to learn. 


Wellbe Insights

Take advantage of our simple, real-time reporting dashboards to understand trends, opportunities and outcomes at a student, classroom, school and jurisdiction level.

Our Partners

Microsoft - WellBe Partner
Charles Sturt University - WellBe Partner
ASCA WellBe partner
Moovosity - WellBe Partner
ipsha - WellBe Partner
Playmeo - WellBe Partner

Better academic performance..

What schools need is an integrated mind/body curriculum, and not one that shuts one domain off from the other. A lot of the research that’s out there tells us that when movement is included throughout the day, we see increases in attention, we see better memory, we even see in some cases better academic performance”.

Dr Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan
School of Education, Charles Sturt University

Improving wellbeing interventions ..

This is an exciting initiative for our network, to engage in evidence based research on the impact in an area of learning that is challenging to measure. We look forward to working collaboratively with the WellBe team to improve wellbeing interventions for young people in our community.”.

Rebecca Lennon
IPSHA QLD Branch President

Useful resource for schools

“As a member association of 6000 schools, ASCA is delighted to partner with WellBe. We know how important it is for schools to have access to student wellbeing resources, and it is equally important that schools can measure the effectiveness of programs they are implementing. WellBe addresses both these needs and it will be a very useful resource for our member schools.”

David Edwards AM, MBA, BSc (Hons)
Chief Executive Officer of ASCA